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Educational Development

Functions and Organization

UZH Teaching Fund

The UZH Teaching Fund Team is the central support unit for the Head of Educational Development as well as the entire department with regard to administrative processes. The team is moreover responsible for the central management of the “UZH Teaching Fund” (ULF), contributes to the monitoring of the “Future of Education at UZH” initiative and is involved in tracking trends of university-relevant educational development topics.

UZH Teaching Fund Team
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The Legal Team advises and supports the faculties in the conception and revision of framework ordinances, ordinances on obtaining a doctoral degree, and program regulations. If faculties further aspire to implement cooperative study programs with other Swiss higher education institutions, then the Educational Development Office is likewise the first contact point for initiating cooperation. In this case, the Legal Team is also ready to support faculties in drafting the necessary legal provisions. Additionally, the Legal Team assists in the development and decree of corresponding regulations for special programs.

Legal team

Curriculum Development

A curriculum describes how the central elements of the teaching and learning processes (educational goals, didactic teaching concepts, assessments) are systematically coordinated. The Curriculum Development Team assists faculties in the creation and development of curricula to provide professionally informed and effective study programs. Particular attention is paid to research orientation and the scientific competencies that need to be developed during the course of study. To this end, opportunities arising from the digital transformation as well as the inter- and transdisciplinary context of the disciplines are to be embraced, and student engagement is to be promoted.

Curriculum Development Team

Innovation and Digital Education

The Innovation and Digital Education Team supports the innovative further development of teaching at UZH. The focus is both on consulting and supporting the faculty innovation projects funded by ULF and on the further development of the online platform Teaching Tools. Teaching Tools conveys the empirical and practical knowledge gained by supporting the innovation projects to all teaching staff at UZH.

Innovation and Digital Education Team
Teaching Tools

Quality Management Education and Teaching (QMSL)

The objective of the Quality Management Education and Teaching (QMSL) Team is to provide and optimize an accreditable quality management system for the area of education and teaching that meets national and international standards. The aim is to close quality cycles and to establish a quality culture with a study program development perspective. This is achieved by collecting data and providing target-group-specific, comprehensive, and valid data to support evidence-based decision-making and to test strategic objectives at all levels. Further, the QMSL Team supports the quality processes in the faculties and renders them more flexible by providing a central quality management portal.



The Community Team pursues the goal of strengthening the status of teaching both within and beyond UZH. The most crucial instrument for achieving this goal is the networking of relevant actors. This is primarily accomplished by creating and maintaining various communities and networks as well as by (further) developing teaching-related events (e.g. Day of Excellence in Teaching) and incentive systems (e.g. Teaching Award).

Community Team

Office of the School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Between disciplinarity, studies and society, the School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) not only pools and communicates inter- and transdisciplinary oriented courses offered by various university-wide initiatives and faculties but also courses that strengthen generic competencies.

The STS supports students in completing their personal competence profile on their own initiative and in staying in line with their individual goals and needs. The office is responsible for all operational concerns and supports the Executive Board in the strategic development of the STS.

Office of School for Transdisciplinary Studies
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Una Europa, Teaching & Learning

The University of Zurich is a member of the European university alliance Una Europa since 2022. Within this alliance, the eleven partner universities are working, among other things, on innovative courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s students that are based on the synergy of their disciplines and are encouraging the development of new, joint study programs. Student mobility and the internationalization of studies with an interdisciplinary focus are at the forefront. The Una Europa, Teaching & Learning Team works to co-create these innovative teaching opportunities and make them accessible to UZH students.

Una Europa, Teaching & Learning Team
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Weiterführende Informationen


Dr. Thomas Hidber
Tel: +41 44 634 27 46


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Teaching Tools

Didactic tips, suggestions, and explanations of (digital) methods as well as teaching materials from A-Z.

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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

More about School for Transdisciplinary Studies

The School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) serves as an intermediary hub to promote inter -and transdisciplinary studies and teaching. The STS arranges courses for students of all faculties, supports the providers/initiatives in the development and implementation of teaching and increases the visibility of inter- and transdisciplinarity at UZH.

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Teaching and Educational Development at UZH

News about the initiative "Future of Teaching at UZH", all offers and services for study program coordinators and teaching staff as well as opportunities for exchange and networking can be found on the website "Teaching and Teaching Development."